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WSP Checklist

The Workplace Survival Plan takes everything we teach you in the book and brings it all together. This checklist guides you every step of the way in developing your own personal Workplace Survival Plan. The full checklist with an explanation of each step is contained in our book Don't Run Naked Through The Office.

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Don’t Run Naked Through The Office is AVAILABLE NOW at, at all other major online venues, and can also be ordered from most major bookstores in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries thoughout the world.

Need a Plan to Ignite Your Career?

Your Workplace Survival Plan serves your best interests regardless of what kind of environment you find yourself in at work.

In non-supportive environments, it helps you defend against the attacks that are inevitable. In a supportive environment, it helps you document your accomplishments and prepare for greater challenges.

It is often said that if you don't plan to succeed then you plan to fail!

Don't Run Naked Through The Office provides you an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive step-by-step process for planning to succeed!

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