Workplace Survival Plan Checklist

Successful people often say that you plan to succeed by having a plan or you plan to fail by not having a plan. If you are frustrated with your job and near the breaking point then you definitely need a Workplace Survival Plan. Even if you are satisfied with your job but simply want a way to improve your chances of success then a Workplace Survival Plan will definitely benefit you.

Your Workplace Survival Plan is about surviving in non-supportive workplace environments. But, in a supportive environment, your Workplace Survival Plan helps you get ahead and stay there!

Our Workplace Survival Plan Checklist guides you through every step of the process of building your Workplace Survival Plan.

Don't Run Naked Through The Office provides a Workplace Survival Plan Checklist and offers a step-by-step explanation of how to develop your Workplace Survival Plan plus four sample plans to provide you an idea of how to address the challenges of the environments you might be encountering in your workplace.

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Quick Reference Performance Chart

This two-page chart, contained in Don't Run Naked Through The Office, gives a quick summary of what you learn in the book about recognizing the four workplace environments and how to operate effectively in each without losing your sanity!

Included on the chart are the guiding principles for each of the areas presented in the book where actions can be taken to leverage more control in the workplace. Theses principles prove very useful when faced with making a quick decision given the circumstances and the type of environment in which you work.

The Quick Reference Performance Chart serves as a wonderful resource to share with friends and colleagues when discussing the benefits you have experienced from incorporating the guidance provided in Don't Run Naked Through The Office into your everyday work processes.

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