Want an Engaged and Productive Workforce?

In Which of These Environments Would You Choose to Work?

If you chose supportive, you are like most workers including those that show up each day in your organization.

But what if you are the CEO in charge of the company or even a manager somewhere in the middle? A question you should be asking yourself is, which of these environments actually exists in my organization?

If you don't know then you are a long way from solving your employee engagement issue.

Workplace Environments

The more you know about your workplace environment, the better able you are to influence it in a direction that supports productivity. Which of the four workplace environments do your employees inhabit?

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Employee engagement IS ROCKET SCIENCE in a non-supportive environment!

Why? Because employee engagement is a natural outcome of supportive workplace environments. And, disengagement is a natural outcome of non-supportive workplace environments. You are fighting a losing battle trying to coerce serious engagement in a non-supportive environment.

If you are in management and want an engaged, productive workforce then you must be able to view the organization from the perspective of how your employees experience it.

Don't Run Naked Through The Office offers a revealing look at employee engagement from the employee's point of view. It should be required reading for any business leader or manager who wants to increase productivity and employee morale at the same time!

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