There is growing dissatisfaction in the workplace and many people think that if they could just get another boss everything would be OK. You might as well admit to yourself right now that that's not going to happen anytime soon! You can't fire your boss. Most likely your boss isn't going anywhere regardless of how hard you wish it to be true.

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But the Truth is It Doesn't Matter ...

It doesn't matter why your boss does what your does. It just doesn't matter! You might as well make up a really good reason and be satisfied with that.

Your boss was kidnapped by aliens as a child and inspite of years of therapy has never recovered. Your boss thinks you have connections with the alien species who ruined your boss's childhood and, therefore, your boss wants to make life as miserable for you as possible!

Do you feel better now? What has changed? Nothing! You may never know the true reason your boss does what your boss does and it doesn't matter because what matters is what you do.

Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do to enhance your work experience and trade frustration for more satisfaction.

Unless you have read Don't Run Naked Through The Office, you may actually be running naked through the office and not even know it!

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