Hate Your Job and Want to Quit?

Before you trash your career, read this book!

Don't Run Naked Through The Office reveals the secrets of how to leverage more control in any of the four workplace environments you will encounter on the job.

Employees, learn how to:

Managers (at all corporate levels), learn how to:

This exciting new book takes you on a journey to a more rewarding career!

The authors, a veteran Recruiter and an experienced Corporate Training Manager, clarify the dangerous dynamics of workplace politics while walking you through the simple but effective step-by-step process of creating your Workplace Survival Plan. Don't Run Naked Through The Office is your guide to surviving in any workplace environment!

Excerpts from Don't Run Naked Through The Office

        We recommend that your first option should be deciding to stay and prevail over a challenging workplace environment. The distinction is fight versus prevail. Fighting the environment provokes additional conflict and is a useless pursuit. But can you really prevail without fighting? We say, yes, if you have the right tools, and this book will provide you with those tools. In fact, this book is all about fully investigating how to leverage increased control over your workplace environment without provoking conflict. This means that you increase your chances of improving your working conditions without losing the tenure or seniority you have accrued in your current position. It also means that you are better able to depart on your own schedule and terms should you decide at some point that that course of action is in your best interest.

        It is important to focus less on the characteristics, bad behaviors, personality, or lack of management skills of your boss and pay more attention to what it takes to be successful in the environment in which you find yourself. Doing this requires some knowledge of the kinds of forces, both internal and external to the company, that influence your work environment.
        The complex mix of forces that influence your workplace environment may appear just as chaotic as those that shape the weather patterns which sometimes wreak havoc as they travel across the surface of the earth. However, unlike the weather, some of the forces that shape your workplace environment reside within your ability to control while others are entirely beyond your control. It is important for you to know which ones are within your control.

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"If I had come across this book several years ago, I have no doubt it would have saved me from repeating the same mistakes as I moved from job to job hoping that things would get better simply by changing the address of my workplace."
MATTHEW SEARLE, Queensland, Australia

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Hate your job and want to quit? Before you trash your career, find out how this book has helped frustrated workers leverage more control in any of the four workplace environments.

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