Workplace Environments

The more you know about your workplace environment, the better you can prepare yourself to deal with its demands. Which of the four workplace environments do you inhabit?


The more supportive the environment, the more responsibility you can safely assume; the less supportive the environment, the less responsibility you should assume. Do you know when to accept responsibility for an outcome and when to reflect it back to your boss?


The less supportive the environment, the more you need to document; the more supportive the environment, the less you need to document. Do you know what to document, when, and how to use it to your benefit?


The stronger your foundation, the more resourceful and productive you can be and the more able you are to perform in any environment. What elements of your foundation need upgrading?


All of your decisions and activities should be consistent with what you would expect of your employees if your were a manager in a Supportive Environment. How much control do you exert over your professional image?

Traps & Manipulation Techniques

Does it seem too good to be true? Will it delay what really needs to happen? Does it require you to take the first step? These are only a few of the questions that will help keep you from falling into a trap set for you by a misguided boss. Do you know the others?

WSP Checklist

The Workplace Survival Plan takes everything we teach you in the book and brings it all together. This checklist guides you every step of the way in developing your own personal Workplace Survival Plan. The full checklist with an explanation of each step is contained in our book Don't Run Naked Through The Office.

Performance Chart

The Performance Chart provides useful information about how to deal with problematic situations at work in each of the four different types of workplace environments. It also brings together the guiding principles presented and explained in the book. Get it when you buy Don't Run Naked Through The Office.

Our Book

Don't Run Naked Through The Office offers an inventive and useful way of viewing the workplace as four different work environments. It explains the factors that influence these environments, teaches you how to respond effectively to a manipulative boss, and shows you how to leverage more control. Plus, it walks you through the step-by-step development of a Workplace Survival Plan (WSP) that will help you preserve your job, your productivity, and your sanity!

A+ Game Changing Experience

You will learn more in one day at our A+ Game Changing Experience seminar than you ever thought possible about how to leverage more control in the workplace and reduce frustation. This event could truly change your life!

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