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"Solid, logical, clear ideas. Relevant to folks in various walks of life."
GENERAL (RET) DAVID H. PETRAEUS - Chairman, KKR Global Institute, New York, NY; Director, Central Intelligence Agency (2011-2012); Commander of U.S. and International Security Assistance Forces-Afghanistan (2010-2011)

"I read your book and I must say, it’s helping me a lot at my work place especially how not to stress myself too much. I've written down some points that will help me not only at work but also with my daily life. I recommended it to a few friends to get on Amazon."
JAMIE KING - Office Administrator, Touchstone Educational Solutions Ltd; London, UK

"'Don't Run Naked Through The Office' provides a great guide on how to leverage more control in any workplace environment. Badly needed advice!"
JEAN CADENA - Director Global Accounts, Xerox; New York, NY

"Thank you for the most honest and comprehensive book on avoiding the pitfalls and gaining understanding into the psyche of bosses. This is a 'how to' not only survive but raise above the discord and toxic situations."
M. HELEN CAVAZOS - Human Resources Management & Diversity Consultant, M.H. Cavazos & Associates; Houston, TX

"This book armed me with knowledge on how to handle tricky situations in the work place. I really feel like these chapters were tailored just for me and I wish I had laid my hands on this book years ago so I could have maybe handled my situations better."
ADELINE MONARENG - Logistics Administrator, Mustek Limited; Johannesburg, South Africa

"I LOVED your book! It put me in the right frame of mind for problem solving. I had a problem and I was completely stuck. I took the weekend to read your book and get my head straight about how to deal with it. IT WORKED! I solved my problem with no trouble at all."
BETH McLAUGHLIN - President, Adept Word Management; Houston, TX

"I really appreciated the detailed explanation you provided of the various work environments readers may encounter - both positive and negative. By better understanding the specific nature of one's work environment readers can better determine the most appropriate response to the challenges they face whether it be a boss who is abusive or merely apathetic. The recommentation to create a Workplace Survival Plan is an invaluable one. One of the most common reasons we encounter as to why an employee continues to work under undesirable conditions is they don't believe there is anything they can do about it. By following the steps outlined to create a Workplace Survival Plan, readers can take a more proactive approach to managing their career, workplace experience, and overall hapiness. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your book. Great job on it!"
GAVIN ROUBLE - Organizational Effectiveness Expert, The 2% Factor; St. Catherines, ON CANADA

"Great read for all HR folks. First of its kind!"
KELLY CAPO - Sales Specialist, IBM; Dallas, TX

"As a business leader, I think that many employees can benefit from this book!"
MEIR AMARIN - National Manager, UFS Sales at Unilever; ISRAEL

"Awesome book!"
TONY MIRANDA - Clinic Manager, Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital; Houston, TX

"This book not only has a 'catchy title,' it is filled with strong content, including a 'Workplace Survival Plan and Checklist.' If you want to create a positive workplace experience for yourself (and others), check this out!"
DERI LATIMER, CSP - HR Management Consultant, Instructor, and Keynote Speaker; Winnipeg, MB CANADA

"This book opened my eyes to lots of issues you encounter on the job. It will definitely save you some headaches. I highly recommend it to anyone who works for a living!"
JESUS TERRAZAS - Oil and Gas Professional; Houston, TX

"I have attended numerous management classes, leadership class, and team logistic classes. Over my 15 years in the US Naval Submarine Force plus 15 years working for state-of-the-art, front-line companies, I have never read a book or attended a class that would help an individual more with work related-issues than this. This will also give a person tools they can take with them and refer back to. I will definitely be using ideas from the book, and the way all the categories were defined I found that to be very useful."
DEREK DAVIDSON - Training & Development Specialist, Phillips 66; Houston, TX

"Helped me overcome my fears towards moving up the career ladder. I always felt stuck and frustration would keep me from looking clearly at my situation. This book helped me to clear my thoughts and actually put them down on paper about my career path. For once, I was able to see there were possibilities and paths I could take and being stuck was not the only answer. I would recommend this book for anybody!"
ARIELLA FURMAN - CEO; FramedIn3D; Pittsburgh, PA
Posted on with 5 stars.

"If only this book was available to me several jobs ago. How many of us have found ourselves stuck in dysfunctional work environments, feeling undervalued by the company, disrespected by our boss and feeling like the only way out of the swamp is to quit and start over? Well, if you’re like me, you’ve been in this position on more than one occasion. And, like me, you’ve probably blamed the company/boss/HR for your predicament. This book will challenge that thinking.

For me, the key takeaway messages are those of awareness and empowerment - for looking at your situation with open eyes and for taking control of the things that you CAN control. If I had come across this book several years ago, I have no doubt it would have saved me from repeating the same mistakes as I moved from job to job hoping that things would get better simply by changing the address of my workplace.

There’s a malaise that has infected so much of ‘corporate land’ and the authors are to be commended for their forthright views and most importantly, their encouragement for all of us to take responsibility for our workplace satisfaction."
MATTHEW SEARLE - Creative Director, Facilitator, and Author; Winterlea Studio; Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Posted on with 5 stars.

"According to the authors of this book, fewer than 30% of us enjoy our jobs. 70% of us work in contentious or antagonistic environments that make it much harder then it should be to succeed. If you have a nasty/disengaged/incompetent boss or people in your workplace who seem to want to sabotage you, this book is for you!

This book gives simple ways to diagnose and assess what's wrong and where the problems are in your workplace. It offers straightforward, constructive strategies that won't backfire and that you can use to surmount the obstacles you face. The authors use relevant statistics and case studies that make this an interesting and very useful read."

HARRIETT S. LEVEEN - Insurance Agent; Houston, TX
Posted on with 5 stars.

"Great read! Well put together. Great Christmas gift. I like the way the book relates to me working in a professional environment."
ARTHUR DALTON - Oil and Gas Professional; Atlanta, GA
Posted on with 4 stars.

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