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We are currently working to make this seminar available in select cities throughout the US and in several other countries.

Seminar content is based on the book Don't Run Naked Through The Office and is proprietary to Storymakers, Inc.

Contact us to schedule a seminar in your city. We will work with authorized representatives of organizations or companies to make it happen!

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Don’t Run Naked Through The Office is AVAILABLE NOW at, at all other major online venues, and can also be ordered from most major bookstores in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries thoughout the world.

Change the Game in Your Favor!

This seminar reveals the secrets of how to leverage more control in any of the four workplace environments you will encounter on the job.

Learn how to:

This Exciting Experience could be your start on a Journey to a More Rewarding Career!

Free copy of Don't Run Naked Through The Office and other valuable resources included in ticket price.

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